Public affirmation of faith


If you are looking to be baptised or confirmed, or have your child baptised or confirmed, that is wonderful news. 




Baptism signifies that a person is part of God's people through Christ. Baptism involves a 'washing' with water as a symbol of God's 'washing' a person clean of their sin through faith in Christ. Baptism also symbolises a person dying to their old way of living cut off from God, and rising to a new way of living with and for God.  

Because of what Baptism symbolises, it is appropriate for those who have placed their faith in Christ, or for the children of parents who have placed their faith in Christ. 

At Dalkeith Anglican, Baptisms are usually performed during one of our Sunday services as a sign of welcome and inclusion into the church community. 





For those who feel that Baptism is not appropriate for their child, a Thanksgiving Service is a wonderful way to welcome the arrival of a child. The service involves a special time of thanksgiving and prayer for the child and parents. 





It is common that those who have previously been baptised may later wish to give public confirmation of their own personal trust in Christ, or to reaffirm their baptismal vows. Those being confirmed customarily attend a series of confirmation classes to ensure they properly know and understand the Christian faith which they will publicly profess in Confirmation. 

At Dalkeith Anglican, we usually offer Confirmation and preparation classes for those wishing to be confirmed on an annual basis.


If you would like more information about Baptism, Thanksgiving Services or Confirmation at Dalkeith Anglican, please contact us.

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