Christianity is all about Jesus.

Some people only know him as a swear word.

But learn a bit about him, and your life will never be the same again.


We live in a world so full of goodness and beauty, and yet also so full of evil, suffering and death. The Bible teaches that the root of these problems is that we have rejected the God who made us. But God is rich in love and has a plan to deal with these problems and fix our world, and the key to his plan is Jesus. Jesus is the person God promised who would be king and judge of all people. God has proved this by raising Jesus from the dead. Jesus lived and was killed as an innocent man. But in his death he, the judge, took the judgement that we deserve. 

The Bible teaches that those who turn to Jesus and put their trust in him now receive full forgiveness and the promise of eternal life.


Christianity is all about Jesus.

And to be a Christian is simply to be someone who recognises that Jesus is indeed the living king and judge and saviour of all. 


To learn more watch this short introduction to Christianity, or read this 6-step summary.




At Dalkeith Anglican we regularly run a course called Simply Christianity. The course is for people enquiring about the Christian faith. It is also designed for Christians who want to ‘brush up’ on the essentials of Christianity.  


We discuss Who was Jesus? Why did he come? What does it mean to follow him?


You don't need to know anything about the Bible.

You won't be asked to read aloud, pray or sing.

You can ask any question you want, or just listen.

Everyone is welcome – from the most sympathetic Sunday Schooler to the convinced atheist. We will respect your background, culture and beliefs, and you can tell us as little or as much about yourself as you feel comfortable.


Simply Christianity gives you time and space to consider the big questions of life and to explore the life of the person at the heart of the Christian faith – Jesus Christ. Our aim is to help people investigate Christianity in a relaxed and accessible way, and we encourage guests to come with all of their questions. In just a few weeks we won't be able to cover everything, but many people have found the course to be a good introduction to the big issues. You will get to take away and read one of the eyewitness accounts of Jesus' life over the duration of a course, and there are options for further investigation afterwards.


It runs for just five weeks, with sessions in a small group setting, usually at the minister’s house or in the church hall.


To enquire about our next Simply Christianity course please contact us.


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