Grow in a Growth Group
by Peter Smith on Monday, 28th of November 2016

Dear Friends


As 2017 nears, are you planning to be in a Growth Group in 2017?


At St Lawrence's we believe a key part of our discipleship is involvement in a Growth Group.

One of the strengths of the Growth Group is the opportunity to be more personal and specific in ministry to one another.

There is nothing like reading the Scriptures with a skilled leader and enthusiastic learners. As needs are shared, in response to the readings, we are able to pray for each other and put the word into action. Growth Groups are an ideal context for exercising our God-given gifts that way. Putting love into action is the heartbeat of discipleship.


Another significant benefit of belonging to a small group is the opportunity for the group to serve the church. If you are in one of our Growth Groups you are being equipped by the Word to use your God-given gifts to lead people to build the body of Christ. This is what it means to make disciples (Matthew 28:16-20).


Running in the direction of the Lord Jesus with a few others in a Growth Group has a profound effect on the wider Church. When others in the church see your growth they too are encouraged and challenged to live Christ-like lives.


For more information about joining a Growth Group speak with Peter, Tony, Judith or Mark. We have groups for all ages. The lead-up to Christmas might be an ideal time for you to join and ‘test the waters’ for just a short period, and decide if you will commit for next year.


Warm regards, Peter

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